Beanpop fitted diapers added to the shop!

Featured Artist: Karen @ Beanpop

I am so excited to offer you a small batch of Beanpop fitted diapers, created exclusively for Rainbow Waters. We have a limited amount available in this design we call Rainbow Reminiscence. 

I have been playing around with the idea of carrying cloth diapers for the past year or so. So when Karen from Beanpop diapers mentioned to me that she really wanted to get back into some sewing after closing down her shop last year. I begged her to sew a small batch of fitted diapers especially for us here at Rainbow Waters. I am so happy she obliged. They are beautiful! Adorable rainbow stitching + colorful rainbow snaps on the most simple natural bamboo = happiness.  Karens sewing has always been impeccable and her diapers were loved by all, so I am thrilled I was able to convince her to sew for us. 

It has always been one of my dreams to work with other artists & bring their craft to you. So it is a dream coming true that I bring to you these bamboo fitted diapers. I hope you love them as much as I do so that I can convince Karen to sew some more for us! 

Her diapers can be ordered in 3 sizes.
Newborn- fits 6-12 pounds. 
Petite- fits 8-25 pounds. 
One Size- fits 8- 40 pounds. 

Simple yet colorful. Trim yet absorbent. Equipped with a snake soaker that can be folded in as many ways as your creativity allows to achieve maximum absorbency in those wet zone areas. If you are a cloth diaper user, these are going to rock your world. I suggest you hop on over and check them out for yourself. 

Karen mentioned to me that sewing these diapers had such a great level of nostalgia for her. It inspired me to create a product that we haven't offered in a while that was such a staple for Rainbow Waters back in the day too, our wool crazy pants. Because every good fitted needs a matching pair of woolies. They go together like peanut butter & jelly. White on rice. So today we reminisce about the products we have crafted that we had laid to rest & we offer you this collection called: Rainbow Reminiscence. Enjoy it while it lasts! Or maybe we can be convinced to bring these products back again. You never know. Tata for now! 

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