Hello and welcome! My name is Lindsay and I  am the owner/creator of Rainbow Waters. Rainbow Waters was created in 2005. I was a stay-at-home-mom to 2 kids under 2 and I was looking for something to feed my soul, something to break up the mommy routine of messy faces, diaper changes and so much breastfeeding. From that sheer desperation to have something that was just mine, Rainbow Waters was birthed. 

My vision is to create A+ quality unique pieces that allow your children to express themselves through their wardrobe while they are playing, running and on the move. Our pieces are manufactured to withstand play time and hard use. Our fabrics are natural and ethically sourced. Thank you for checking out our site & our products.

We cannot wait to get to know your family and welcome you into our tribe.
~Lindsay Ehrlich,
ceo, owner, Rainbow Waters 

To connect with us, check out our social media pages or shoot us an email at hello@rainbow-waters.com.