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Article: We are now offering AfterPay + a random extra story.

We are now offering AfterPay + a random extra story.

We are now offering AfterPay + a random extra story.

If you want to read the long story, start way up here. If you just want the quick & important details- scroll all the way down the bottom and read my p.p.s. See, there is something here for everyone... 

So, last week when we had our new Alice skirt release I made this tiny mention about how we are now offering AfterPay in this huge giant release post. I had also mentioned the new website being up. Plus, here I am showing you this brand new product to RW- a womens linen midi skirt in the most perfect shade of yellow! It was a lot. 

So as the story goes, I had taken down the website a couple months prior. It was outdated & in need of a refresher. I had been mostly loading products onto Etsy so it didn't get any love. I neglected it. I had this grand plan of how I wanted to freshen things up with new pictures & a new blog to tell my stories. It was this perfect vision in my mind down to the colors and the aesthetic. Then life got in the way and re-building the website got put onto the back burner. Sigh. Why does that always happen? So frustrating! You get all pumped up for this exciting new project, you plan it all out and then bam- life comes waltzing through the door asking for you to carry sacks of all these other responsibilities. Which in turn delays all your grand plans. So there sat the website, on the back burner. Not even simmering a little bit.  

So with the brand new Alice release, I decided not only am I going to release this new product, I am going to strap myself down into a chair and finish this website I had envisioned a while back, while also making sure that AfterPay is working properly as well. Ya it was a lot. But you know what. We totally did it! Then I proceeded to tell you this in one huge post! 

So long story short. Or shall I say- short story long. We are now offering AfterPay on the website. Which I think is really cool for a couple of reasons!

1. It is like built in layaway. No extra steps needed on my end or yours. Your order is split up into 4 payments. You make a payment every 2 weeks. 4 payments & you are done. They are auto deducted from your debit card & that's all built into the shopping cart system here. You proceed to check out & when it asks you for your payment option, you just choose AfterPay. You'll follow the prompts to get all set up, make your first payment and that's that. 

2. Your order isn't delayed! Once your order goes through and you make that first payment, we start processing! If you order an instock product, it will ship right away in our normal 1-4 business days processing time. If you are ordering something that is Made to Order, we will begin production like normal & ship within 2 weeks. 

3. I love that big companies like AfterPay are allowing small shops like mine offer this service to their customers. It is seriously going to help us small handmade shops to stay in business. It is going to help us gain exposure by giving customers the option to invest in our products over time. This is huge & I am feeling grateful for that. So shout out to AfterPay for that too. 

So with all that said, I hope you enjoy what AfterPay has to offer & as always I love to hear from you guys with feedback on how it's working for you. Comment below, shoot me an email or connect with me on social media. 

Talk soon, 

p.s. I just have to share one more photo of the new Alice skirt, because well- I am proud & it is pretty! 

p.p.s. If you just want the short story. I am now offering AfterPay on the website shop. AfterPay allows you to break up your order total into 4 nearly equal payments- that are auto deducted from your account. Choose AfterPay at checkout. Cool extra thing- It doesn't delay your order from being processed. See- I can keep it short. Kind of. Sort of. Okay I will stop. 

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