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Tie Dye Kit, The Low Water Immersion Method

Sale price$ 28.00 USD

Learn how to dye the low water immersion method, just like we dye right here in our shop. Let us teach you to do what we love!

Kit includes: 
-6 high quality, professional grade Procion Dyes (dyes cotton, rayon, linen & hemp): Fire Red, Deep Orange, Deep Yellow, Bright Green, Turquoise Blue and Orchid Purple. 
Note: The colors on your labels do not reflect the exact shade of dye. Colors will be much deeper.
-2oz plastic jar of soda ash fixative. 
- 2 gloves (white nitrile, no latex)
- instruction card

You will need: 
- 2-4 Blanks (like a t-shirt, tea towel, pillowcase, piece of fabric, etc) Our Fiber Reactive Procion dyes will dye cotton, rayon, linen & hemp). You can dye about 10-13 ounces in weight with this kit. If you are dyeing small children's shirts, you can likely dye around 3-4 of them. If you are doing adult sized t-shirts, you can plan on this kit dyeing at least 2. Your dyes will stay fresh for 2-3 days, so if you end up with extra dye. Put the red cap on the squirt bottles while you find another blank to dye. Tip: Only add water to the colors that you are wanting to use. The powdered dye will stay fresh for years. 
- A few small buckets & a large spoon- you will need one bucket to mix your fixative and one for each item you intend to dye. Multiple blanks can be dyed in the same bucket when you are doing the same dye job. The included instruction card will give more information about the size of the buckets needed. Please read those before using your kit. We also include safety information and our favorite place to purchase buckets, spoons & more!
- Mask- The dye & fixative should not touch your skin or eyes. Gloves are necessary when dyeing. You might also choose to wear a mask to reduce your exposure to the fumes.
Tie Dye Kit, The Low Water Immersion Method
Tie Dye Kit, The Low Water Immersion Method Sale price$ 28.00 USD