Solid Dish Soap | Orange or Lemongrass Scent

$ 8.00
Our dish soap is the perfect alternative to traditional liquid soap. Made with simple & natural ingredients.Ditch your single use plastic bottle dish soap and replace it with our solid dish soap.  It creates a ton of bubbly lather that cuts through grease and is super cleansing. Pair this with a loofah sponge and transform your dish washing routine to a no waste eco-friendly experience. Loofah Sponges can be thrown in your compost bin after they wear out. 

Lasts 2-3 times longer than the plastic bottle alternatives making it more economical as well. For a longer laster bar of soap, keep your soap dry in between uses by setting it on one of our matching porcelein square soap dishes.

Choose from: Lemongrass or Orange.

Ingredients: Distilled Water, ^Sodium Hydroxide, *Coconut Oil, *Lemongrass OR Orange Essential Oil.

^Does not remain after the saponification process.

*Indicates Organic Ingredients.

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