Why this solid block is the future of dish soap!

No matter where you stand, as a culture we are becoming more and more aware that we need to do better to leave this planet healthier for our children. That can feel like quite the feat when you think about all the changes you'd like to make in your lifestyle. In fact it can be overwhelming at times. We know you are here because you want to do your part. We are here to make living a sustainable lifestyle easier! 

We believe that small changes equals huge progress and we are here to help you on your journey to sustainability. You can make big changes by simply making the goal to switch one product per month to a more sustainable option! Here is why we think solid dish soap is the future of dish soap when it comes to sustainability. 

1. Eco-friendly packaging! Our solid dish soap comes wrapped in a thin clear biodegradable shrink wrap with a paper label. No thick plastics that will take a millennium to decompose. 

2. It lasts longer which makes it cost effective! We kept a block of dish soap on our sink next to a traditional bottle of liquid dish soap as an experiment. Every time we do a load of dishes, we use a little of both. We have refilled the bottled dish soap 4+ times in a month, while the block of dish soap still remains. That is great savings right there!

3. You get great suds & great results! You see when you are making a good bar of soap, you use specific oils to achieve the type of bar you are hoping for. Some oils are more cleansing, while others are more moisturizing and it even gets more in depth than that. For our dish soap, we use 100% organic coconut oil. Coconut oil is one of the most cleansing oils you can add to soap. It is strong enough to cut through grease and it gives great lather, which is why a little goes a long way. 

So take the plunge and try it for yourself today. Use #switchtosoliddishsoap on Instagram to share with us your experience!

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