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Do you have a pair of wool that is bleeding dye? Let us help you fix them!

Do you have a pair of woolies that is hand dyed and bleeding? Don't worry, we can help you fix that. in this blog post, we are going to discuss a few reasons your woolies may start bleeding dye to begin with and a a few methods you can use to fix the problem.Are your woolies bleeding dye? Let us tell you why! Here at Rainbow Waters headquarters, we use many of the methods we will discuss, to set your woolies before they ever arrive to your doorstep. But there are a few reasons your wool may start to bleed once they arrive. Maybe they are second hand and a previous owner might not have washed them properly. Or perhaps, we...

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Check out the new Victoria Sweater made of soft merino wool!

I am so so excited to announce this brand new addition to our women's collection, the Victoria sweater. It has been a long term goal to increase the Rainbow Waters line to include custom clothing for adults and I am so excited with every single new release. I am having so much fun with it!  So let's talk about this sweater. When I set forth to choose new pieces to add to our new women's collection, I think about 4 things: comfort, fit, quality, and style. Comfort always comes first for me. I am a comfort junkie! If it's not comfortable, I'm not wearing it. So this has to be first! This Victoria sweater is made from the most gorgeously soft...

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