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Article: Check out the new Victoria Sweater made of soft merino wool!

Check out the new Victoria Sweater made of soft merino wool!
bishop sleeves

Check out the new Victoria Sweater made of soft merino wool!

I am so so excited to announce this brand new addition to our women's collection, the Victoria sweater. It has been a long term goal to increase the Rainbow Waters line to include custom clothing for adults and I am so excited with every single new release. I am having so much fun with it! 

So let's talk about this sweater. When I set forth to choose new pieces to add to our new women's collection, I think about 4 things: comfort, fit, quality, and style. Comfort always comes first for me. I am a comfort junkie! If it's not comfortable, I'm not wearing it. So this has to be first! This Victoria sweater is made from the most gorgeously soft merino wool blend. More specifically, we are using our 97% organic wool 3% lycra merino wool interlock. I am super sensitive to fibers and sometimes even the softest wool feels itchy against my skin. But this stuff, it's just not! Even after a long day of wear. Merino is the softest of wool types and this material just blows things out of the water as far as comfort goes. Wool also regulates your body temperature keeping you warm when it's cold. It is also breathes very well and cools you down when it warms up. I wore my sweater for a normal San Diego winter day, where we fluctuated from 40's in the early mornings to nearly 70's when the warm sun hit mid-day. I was comfortable all day long. 

Equipped with bishop sleeves that give you a little swoosh when you move. The sweater has the cutest fit and may be ordered at regular or cropped length. You may also order this sweater with or without the bottom band. You can see that I chose mine cropped with a banded bottom. I have a pear shaped body. So this style fits right above my hips showing off my natural curves. 

(gorgeous close up of the bishop sleeves)

How do I choose the best fit for my Victoria Sweater? When choosing sizing, you will need a soft measuring tape. Measurements are usually more accurate when taken by somebody else. But in a pinch, you can measure yourself. You will want to take 3 measurements: waist, hips & length. 

Bust: Take your bust measurement's while wearing all undergarments. Wrap the measuring tape around the widest part of your bust. Trimly, without squeezing the tape. 

Hips: First choose whether you would like a regular or cropped fit. For the regular fit, wrap the tape around the mid-hip all the way around. For the cropped version, you will place the measuring tape at high hip level. Measuring the same way, all the way around. 

Length: When measuring length for this sweater, place the measuring tape on your the back of your neck. There is a nice bone there showing you exactly where to begin this measurement. Follow the tape vertically down your back until you hit your high-hip for the cropped version or mid-hip for the regular fit. 

First look at your bust measurement and choose a size on the size chart that is at least 4" larger than your bust. For an extra baggy fit, choose a size 6-8" larger than your bust. See you how your hips compare to the size chart. If you choose a banded bottom, you will want the waistband to be at least 4" smaller than your hip measurement. Choose a size that looks like it will fit you best. We will iron out final details via email after once your order is placed. If your measurements fit outside of our size chart, don't worry. We are here to help. Connect with us on social media or shoot us an email at 

(I call this one under hydrated hot mess mom on the loose!)

How do I choose a color for my Victoria sweater? 
We handpicked 7 gorgeous spring colors colors for this release. But, we think these colors could be worn year round too!

Choose from: Natural, Steele, raspberry, tangerine, submarine, meadow & classic blue. For this design, I chose to be brave and go with a color that I wouldn't normally wear. I am trying to reach outside my comfort zone with clothing lately so I went with raspberry. But I'd like to take a moment to tell you what I love about each individual color in this collection. 

Natural is simple & classic. This is the color the wool comes in naturally. This color could be worn with anything at anytime of the year and it'll look gorgeous. Dress it up with fun colored bottoms. Or pair with jeans & a fun bright colored necklace & shoes. It is a light oatmeal cream color and it's your perfect basic. 

Steele is cool, neutral & balanced. This medium grey is the perfect dark neutral & can be paired with black for the days when you just want to blend in and be more muted. It can also be brightened up with fun colorful accessories. Grey is one of the first colors I reach for when choosing a neutral. It really can be paired with all colors!

Raspberry is fun & feminine. It's bright and oh so spring! Paired with neutrals it gives you a little pop of color and looks bright & fun on everyone! 

Tangerine orange is bold and warm! It is bright & poppy in the spring and can be toned down in the fall. It looks great with jeans! Pair with classic blues, earthy greens and reds. 

Submarine is bright & cheery. Yellow is so underrated. Pair with pinks, blacks, teal and aqua blues and earthy greens. It is bright, it is sunshiney and you are here to conquer the world! 

Meadow is beachy calm! This light teal has more green undertones than blue. It is soft and it reminds me of a tropical sea. This color will invoke a calming & pure energy to anyone around. Pair with browns, yellows, pinks, other blues and greys. 

Classic Blue is traditional and dependable. Simple yet reliable. It screams I am a boss lady and I am here with a calming confidence to handle whatever comes my way! It is almost a neutral. It pairs well with a ton of colors. My favorite are black, yellows, oranges, reds and emerald greens. 

So there you have it. Choose a color that invokes your spirit and the message you want to send to the world and let us help you get the fit of your dreams. 

Need a Victoria Sweater of your own? Here you are, loves!

p.s. As a final act of love, we want to give you until February 14 to purchase any of our wool items using layaway. Use the code: WOOLAYAWAY (with just one L) to pay a 50% deposit on your sweater. We won't send the remaining 50% invoice until March 2. Enjoy!

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