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Article: How many ounces does a Beanpop Cloth Diaper hold?

How many ounces does a Beanpop Cloth Diaper hold?

How many ounces does a Beanpop Cloth Diaper hold?

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This morning a customer asked me how much liquid our RW limited edition Beanpop Diapers hold.  Perplexed I asked for more information about how she does her experimentation and then I set forth to do my own. Here is what I found. Keep in mind that the diaper fabric has been pre-washed several times before sewing. But the diapers do still need to be washed 4-5 times before they are fully prepped and ready for the heaviest flow they can handle. I did my experiment brand new. If you do this experiment after 4-5 washes. I think you will find that your diapers are able to hold even more liquid.  

Here are some facts you might want to know before we get started. Beanpop Cloth Diapers are made using organic bamboo fleece & a little bamboo velour. Both of the materials do also have some organic cotton in the material. Likely for stability. The fleece is 400gsm. GSM is the weight of the material. It stands for grams per square meter. 400gsm is considered pretty heavy weight. 

Needed for this experiment- 
A cloth diaper 
A kitchen scale 
Somewhere to hang your cloth diaper.

Step 1: To start the experiment, I first weighed my cloth diaper while dry.  A Beanpop Cloth Diaper weighs approximately 7.28oz when fully dry. 

Step 2: I put my diaper into the sink and turned the faucet on full blast. I let the water fill to the brim and I fully saturated the diaper. I  also let it sit with the water flowing over it for several minutes. I mean it was sopping wet. 

Step 3: I used a little basket to carry my sopping wet diaper outside. I hung my diaper on my line outside and I waited for the diaper to stop dripping. This didn't take long. Perhaps 10 minutes. 

Step 4: When the diaper slowed down and stopped dripping, I pulled it off the line. I put it on my packaging scale. You can use any kitchen scale. It now weighed 23.88 oz. 

Step 5: I used my fancy grammar school math skills and I subtracted 7.28oz from the total weight of the wet diaper (23.88oz). I got 16.6 oz. I hung my diaper back on the line to dry fully. 

My results: So there you have, folks. A brand new Beanpop diaper will hold approximately 16.6oz of liquid, that has the same consistency as water. That is the size of a medium size plastic bottle of water. This diaper is also holding more than twice it's weight in liquid. Which is pretty incredible! 

What could change the results? Like I said, I did this experiment with a brand new diaper. Once your Beanpop diaper has been through the washer & dryer 4-5 times, the plushy side of the material tends to get really nice & fluffy (hence- fluffymail!). When this happens, it creates little pockets within the tiny hairs that will absorb water and hold onto it even more. So I think this diaper would hold quite a bit more ounces of liquid after the diaper is fully prepped. 

Perhaps the type of water that is running through your house matters. And lastly, while urine is mostly water, it doesn't have quite the same properties as water so your diaper may hold more or less urine. That I do not know. 

My take: With a proper wool cover, this cloth diaper will hold a lot of pee! (cough- you know where to find your woolies!)  It is most likely nighttime worthy. As your child reaches over 1.5 years of age, you may need to fold the snake soaker in the spot where your child wets the most. For boys, that is usually the front. For girls that would be in the bottom of the crotch. If you find that you are needing just a little extra boost at night, let us know and we are happy to sew up a nighttime doubler that you can lay inside the diaper for your super soaker children. We will send you an invoice for $10 for your doubler.

To grab yourself a Beanpop Cloth Diaper to try out yourself, click here:

I'd love to hear your thoughts, if anyone else has done experiments of their own.

Update to my results: My partner pointed out that the diaper holds 16.6oz of liquid in weight, but this does not necessarily translate to 16.6 measurable fluid ounces of our tap water. So naturally, I weighed an ounce of water. One measurable ounce of my tap water weighs approximately .94 ounces. So the diaper held closer to 17.65 measurable fluid ounces. Here is a photo of me holding approximately 17.65oz of water in my hand. Holy moly, that diaper packs some punch! 


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