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Article: We have re-stocked our reusable wipes!

We have re-stocked our reusable wipes!

We have re-stocked our reusable wipes!

Take me to the wipes.

In light of the recent events with covid-19, we are doing what we can and have stocked our shop with our reusable wipes. These are made from the softest bamboo/organic cotton fibers. Each wipe is 2 layers thick backed in plushy heavy organic bamboo fleece, topped in smooth & sleek organic bamboo velour. These babies are super absorbent and so comfortable against the skin. 

While these wipes were originally created with cloth diapering in mind, as our own children grew, we found a multitude of other ways to use these wipes in our own home. Some of my personal favorite ways to use these wipes are: 

1. Washing our face at the end of the day. I use the plushy fleece side to scrub off dirt & leftover makeup. I then use the sleek velour side to rinse off soap and clean my face. 

2. Used as a washcloth in the bath or shower, they will absorb moisture well & give you a great lather when scrubbing soap on the plushy fleece side of the wipe. 

3. Toilet paper! Sounds crazy, but in the event I have ran out of toilet paper, these do the trick real well. For an even better clean, wet them under the faucet for a few seconds with warm water. So fresh! 

4. These are great for cleaning up sticky hands & faces. Wet them with warm water and voila!

But what I love the most about these wipes is how great they are for our planet- mother earth. They can be reused over and over &  will last decades. Throw them in with your regular laundry- washed at any temperature and dry on regular heat.  If soiled, throw them in with towels or cloth diapers. Easy peasy, lemon squeezie!  

We hope that your family stays healthy during this time and we are sending all of our love your way. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us if we can help you in anyway. 

Love you guys, 

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