Marble dyed Wool Diaper Cover
Marble dyed Wool Diaper Cover
Marble dyed Wool Diaper Cover
Marble dyed Wool Diaper Cover

Marble dyed Wool Diaper Cover

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A gorgeous combination of our Northern Lights & Winter Sunset marble dye jobs in one cover. With colors of green, deep teal, marigold, golden brown, rust and deep purple. 

If you need help measuring your baby, send us a message. We are more than happy to help you get the best fit! If you need custom sizing, we do offer that service at an additional fee. Please choose a size that is closest to the size you need, and add a note at checkout. You can also e-mail us at

You want the waist & thigh to be 1-2" smaller than your babies measurements. 
The rise should be about the same or larger than your babies measurement. 

Waist- 13 inches 
Rise- 15 inches
Thigh- 7 inches

Waist- 14 inches 
Rise- 16 inches 
Thigh- 8 inches 

Waist- 15 inches 
Rise- 18 inches 
Thigh- 9 inches 

Waist- 16 inches 
Rise- 19.5 inches 
Thigh- 10 inches 

Waist- 17 inches 
Rise- 21 inches 
Thigh- 11 inches  

-Wool is the perfect waterproof diaper cover for fitteds, flats and prefolds. Wear over AIO's for an extra boost of waterproof protection. 
-Wool is so durable! You can use your woolies through multiple children and they will still be in good enough shape to sell in our Buy/Sell/Trade group. 
-Wool is breathable and our material is very comfortable to wear. 
-Wool is stretchy.
-Our wool is machine washable on cold. Hang or lay flat to dry.