Fabric Scrap Bundles, for crafting!

$ 15.00

If you love crafts as much as we do, you are going to love these scrap bundles we put together just for you! When we are working on clothing production, there is always a little bit of fabric leftover. We try to minimize our waste by keeping the scraps for projects like our crazy tees. or our infamous package ties!

Sometimes our scrap bins begin to overflow and our fingers cannot sew fast enough.  So much so, that we thought it would be nice to share with you! We put together bags brimming full of fabric remnants leftover from our clothing production. Each bag will have 14oz full of fun prints. These scraps will range in size but be on the smaller side under 12x12". There may be some larger pieces thrown into your bag too!

With a little imagination, some scissors and some needles (or perhaps even glue) you will find the most fun ways to craft with your scraps. In case you need help getting the brainstorming started, we are here to share some of our personal favorite ways to use these scraps. 

- Package ties make great headbands & hair ties! It's true & so cute when paired with your favorite Rainbow Waters t-shirt or dress. Cut a 1" vertical piece along the salvage to create your very own package tie. Instead of using these as a package tie though, you can use them as a headband, or hair tie! You can also braid them into the hair or even make a bracelet. 

- Use them in the garden! We love to use our fabric scraps to brighten up our garden! I've used the long skinny package ties to stabilize our tomato plant. I've made what I call a watermelon sling, to stabilize growing watermelon that we have taught to vine on a trellis. You could do this with any squash or maybe even pumpkin! 

- Make doll clothes! With some scissors, some needles or even some glue, you can make doll clothes for your favorite little one! 

- Finger puppets. If you have a sewing machine, the options are endless. With a simple google search you can find tutorials to make your very own finger puppets or get creative and draft your own. Don't forget the seam allowance! 

Set up a craft time with the kids.  Cut your fabric scraps into little 4x4" squares, with a little bit of glue and some paper (cardstock even works better!), your child can glue squares all over the paper making the most beautiful creation. Frame this in their room for them to get a big smile! 

-Appliques! Do you have a solid t-shirt that has been just sitting in your closet? You can use these fabric scraps to create the most fun applique. Don't forget to back your t-shirt with a tear-away stabilizer where you are sewing. It will help stabilize the shirt and make it super easy to sew your cute applique on! Even a simple heart or star is a fun way to make a boring t-shirt a little more fun! 

We hope these bundles will feed your creative soul and keep you crafting for hours! Speaking of, we hope you will share what you create. Tag us on social media using #sharemyRW to show us what you create (and to be added to our monthly contest where two lucky winners receive $10 off coupons on their next purchase!) 

Most of the scraps you will receive will be cotton spandex jersey which is a stretchy knit. Happy Crafting!

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