Bug Bite Salve, with soothing lavender and citronella, 1/2 oz tin

$ 8.00

Use this soothing bug bite salve to quickly relieve pain and itching from common bites like mosquito, ants & bees. Lavender is known for its antiseptic & anti-inflammatory properties. Allow the lavender's natural properties to soothe and relieve. Rub this salve directly over a clean bite and the surrounding area. Apply as often as needed. This salve is the same as our basic salve, but with added Citronella. Citronella have been known to repel mosquitos. 

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Other uses: 
- Rub this moisturizing salve on your hands to relieve the pain of cracked dry skin from harsh climates & increased hand washing.
-Apply lightly behind the ears and on wrists to enjoy the aromatherapy of soothing lavender. 
-Apply to 1st degree burns to stop burning. 
-Rub on sunburns. 

Made with 6 simple & natural ingredients.
Ingredients: *coconut oil, *olive oil, beeswax, lanolin, lavender essential oil and *citronella essential oil.
(*certified organic)

1/2 oz tin. 

Your bug bite salve will arrive in a reusable tin. When your tin is empty, rinse the excess salve out of the jar using warm water.  Remove the label. Scrub your jar clean using dish soap &. rinse clean. Dry & Reuse for your own DIY skin care, store craft supplies, earrings, etc. The options are endless. 


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