2-pack Crazy Tee, Unicorn Grab Bag SLOT
2-pack Crazy Tee, Unicorn Grab Bag SLOT
2-pack Crazy Tee, Unicorn Grab Bag SLOT
2-pack Crazy Tee, Unicorn Grab Bag SLOT
2-pack Crazy Tee, Unicorn Grab Bag SLOT
Rainbow Waters

2-pack Crazy Tee, Unicorn Grab Bag SLOT

Regular price $ 55.00
This slot is for ONE 2-pack crazy tee Unicorn Grab Bag. 

Included in your grab bag: 
- 2 OOAK surprise crazy raglan tees
- epic amounts of love as we create 2 tees especially for your child. 
- ONE raffle ticket that enters you automatically into a contest for a 3rd custom crazy tees. 
You have a 1/15 chance to win this! Those are some great odds! 
- ONE child sized crazy friendship bracelet. 

How does it work? 
1. Purchase this slot for $55. This slot includes shipping. No additional shipping will be charged. Unicorn promise!
2. Click on this link below and fill out the form and give us some hints about your child. You will also choose sizing and short or long sleeves. Your tees will be a complete surprise when they arrive but we really want to know some fun facts about your child so we can customize the best we can. 

Did you purchase a slot? Click this link below. 

So you've paid & you've filled out the form. Thats it! Your job is done, pass things on to us. 

How are these tees created? 
We have a huge amount of scraps that we have been saving from all of our many many projects. We will go through our scraps and create TWO custom tees made especially for your child. All of our seams are professionaly sewn & topstitched for optimal wear & comfort. Quality is pretty important to us! 

How long is it going to take to receive my Unicorn grab bag? 
Magic takes a little bit of time! But not TOO long. Our unicorn grab bags will have a 2-3 week turnaround. You will receive an email with tracking information once your order has been shipped. You can then start stalking your mailman for unicorn goodness. Happiness will reign the earth and the angels will sing a rainbow song. (Okay, that last part might only happen in our heads.) 

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