Welcoming Juri to the Rainbow Waters Team.

It is with the warmest welcome that I introduce to you my new administrative assistant, Juri Peterson. Juri has been in the office the past month helping me stay connected to you guys, answer questions quicker, ship orders & organize my life! 

A couple months ago, through a mutual friend, Juri came stumbling back into my life. Like the fabulous rockstar that she is. You see, I have actually known Juri for over a decade. My son, Braedon & her daughter, Maia attended grade school together for a few years. We volunteered together and were in the same mom group.  But, we moved the kids to a different school and after that we sort of fell out of touch. Thus is life. Those kids are now 16! (stop growing.....!)

So when we reconnected, I was kind of in this space of freshening up Rainbow Waters +  dreaming of future ventures. I don't exactly even know what happened. We went from catching up, to talking about the business, to realizing how much we had in common. We were just vibing really well. That feeling you get where you know you've just met a new soul-friend. She asked if I needed some help. I desperately did! The next thing you know we are making plans & working side-by-side a couple days a week. 

She is a hard-worker & an incredible innovator. I can unload all my crazy ideas onto her and she sits there listening while organizing them into task lists. That helps my nuerodivergent brain conceptualize how we are going to achieve making that dream become a reality & reduces overwhelm. I cannot tell you how amazing that is for me. Dreams are now becoming a reality here, guys. Things are moving and shaking. Everyone could use a Juri. I love her & I know you guys are going to love her! So lets warmly welcome her into the Rainbow Waters family& show her some love! 



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