Announcement from our company regarding COVID-19.

Hi, friends.

We wanted to make a short blog explaining how we will be moving forward during this COVID-19 situation. I hate even calling it that, because I truly believe with my whole heart that we will be okay providing we take proper precautions. We just have to band together and support one another through this. Stay inside & try to manage our stress levels. But it is scary. We are scared too. Seeing the shelves nearly empty, having to burn through our resources to stock up for possible quarantines, keeping yourself sane, keeping your kids busy and calm. It's a lot for all of us! 

With all of that said, we find it is important for us to keep some sort of normalcy in our day to day lives. Running Rainbow Waters is a passion, but it also brings us comfort during this time. In addition to that, we have to continue to pay the bills. So we will be continuing on, business as usual as long as we are healthy. This is one of those times I am grateful that our studio is still in our home. So we are able to continue working without much change. We will be switching gears a little bit to bring you products that you'll need in the upcoming weeks to make your life easier. We will be continuing production on all current orders & any incoming order we receive. In fact, we hope to be moving faster than normal in completing those orders considering we do not have school drop off/pick ups and kids activities to rush around to. 

We are habitual hand washers already, but we will be taking extra measures to wash our hands, wipe down our surfaces often and wash our materials thoroughly. We always wash all materials upon arrival to Rainbow Waters headquarters but we will take extra measures to ensure that your pieces arrive as clean as possible. We do suggest during this time to wash your orders as soon as they arrive, just to be on the safe side. In the event one of us does become ill, we will update again with our plan of action. 

I am so proud of how our community has banded together through this already. It is so beautiful! We hope that seeing our colorful creations in your newsfeed over the coming weeks will give you a sense of normalcy &  peace. We wish your family health & wellness.

We love you, dear friends. 

Lindsay & Juri 



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