Wool Skirties Pre-Order

#111 Wool Skirties Pre-Order

Our skirties are the perfect way to dress up a regular everyday wool cover. The jersey is made out of a lightweight jersey fabric and the cover is made from our typical 95% wool/5% lycra interlock fabric. You and your daughter will love the twirl ability this skirt has. 

The skirties come in 4 base sizes: X-Small, Small, Medium and Large. Please view the measurements below to choose a size that best fits your baby.

Waist- 13-17 inches

Rise- 15 inches
Thighs- 6-9 inches
Skirtie Length (from waistband to hem)- 6.5 inches

Waist- 14- 19 inches
Rise- 16 inches
Thighs- 7-10 inches
Skirtie Length (from waistband to hem)- 7 inches

Waist- 15-21 inches
Rise- 18 inches
Thighs- 8-12 inches
Skirtie Length (from waistband to hem)- 8 inches

Waist- 16-22 inches
Rise- 20 inches
Thighs- 9-14 inches
Skirtie Length (from waistband to hem)- 9 inches
Color Choice- You may choose any color from our wool color choice list. You may pick 2 coordinating colors or purchase a solid colored skirtie. If you want your skirtie to be solid, you would simply choose the same color in each drop down box.

A-Line Or Circle Skirt- The first and third photo show an example of a circle skirt style. The 2nd photo is an example of an a-line skirtie.

Crazy A-Line Skirtie: This skirtie ONLY comes in a-line style. The skirt itself is crazy pieced.

To view examples of the colors offered in this pre-order, please click on the link below:

Pre-Order Wool Color Options