Swing Dress

Swing Dress

Our swing dress has to be our most versatile and popular style to choose from. It is a sleeveless style which allows for wear year round. You can wear a short sleeved or long sleeved tee under the dress during the fall & winter and wear the dress alone in the spring/summer. The dress is a simple a-line style. It has a poly resin snap closure. 

Size: Our sizes are fairly true to size, so whatever your child is wearing in other brands should work perfectly here too. Our sizes are different for this dress. For a size chart, please email me: sales@rainbow-waters.com. 

Print Fabric Choice: Please choose a print choice from our woven fabrics. Please choose a print not labeled with *limited*. If you want a dress made out of a *limited* print, please e-mail for suggestions. We have several dresses that work well with those prints.

Woven Fabrics:

Hem Choice: You may choose a straight stitched hem or a coordinating strip. If you want a coordinating strip, please type the fabric in the space below. If you choose a straight stitch hem, then please type none or leave the box blank.