Peasant Dress

Peasant Dress

Our peasant dresses are super versatile because they work as a dress now and a top later.


Size: Our sizes are fairly true to size, so whatever your child is wearing in other brands should work perfectly here too. For a size chart, please email me: 

Bound Elastic or Shirred: The pink dandelion dress shows an example of of a bound elastic peasant dress. The other 2 show examples of a shirred style dress.

Print Fabric Choice: Please choose a print choice from our knit fabrics OR woven fabric. Please choose a print not labeled with *limited*. If you want a tee made out of a *limited* print, please e-mail for suggestions. We have several tees that work well with those prints.

Knit Fabrics:

Woven Fabrics:

Hem Choice: You may choose a straight stitched hem or a lettuce hem. The pink dandelions dress shows a straight stitched hem. The other 2 examples show a lettuce hem.