Boxer Briefs

Boxer Briefs

Boys & girls love our boxer briefs pattern. Our own children have been wearing them since 2-3 years old and continue to ask for more instead of store brand pairs. They have fully encased elastic in the waistband and a cod piece in the middle.

Size: We offer our boxer briefs in 18m- Size 12. Please email with measurements to get help with fit.

Fabric Choice: Please choose a fabric from our knit print gallery for the body of your boxer briefs.

Cod Fabric Choice: You may choose a coordinating solid, stripe or second print for your cod piece. The cod piece is a great way to get something out of our limited fabric, do a coordinating stripe for the body. Some limited fabrics are extremely limited down to scraps, so before choosing a limited print, please email first for availability.

Limited Fabric Gallery: EMAIL BEFORE USING