Fitted Diaper Pre-Order all sizes

Fitted Diaper Pre-Order *all sizes*

Serged Fitted Cloth Diapers:

Our front snapping serged cloth diapers have a 3-size system- XS, S/M, L/XL. Every diaper is front snapping. 


The XS diaper has an umbilical cord snap-down and a 2-layer organic cotton fleece fold-able snap-in soaker. The XS soaker is topped with 1-layer of organic cotton velour so once folded and snapped into the diaper, you have 5 layers of absorbent material in the soaker alone for a total of 8 absorbent layers in the diaper.

S/M & L/XL: 

The S/M and L/XL size will fit longer then a full XS-XL diaper system as they have a snap down rise that adjusts the rise around 1.5 inches. They also have snap over wings so the diaper can grow with your baby. Both the S/M & L/XL have a 3-layer organic cotton fleece soaker that is topped with 1-layer of organic cotton velour or cotton velour. It is also a fold-able snap-in soaker and once folded and snapped into the diaper, it provides 7-layers alone in just the soaker. The fitted has 10 layers in all. 

The shells of our diapers are fully designable by the customer. Here are your options below:

Custom Options-

(Guide: OCV- Organic Cotton Velour, OCF- Organic Cotton Fleece, OBF- Organic Bamboo Fleece, OCH- 55% Hemp/45% Organic Cotton)

Outer Layer: Cotton Knit Print/Stripe, Natural OCV or any fleece.

Hidden Middle Layer & Soaker: OCF, OBF, OCH

Inner Layer: Natural OCV, Colored Cotton Velour (to match your outer layer chosen by us)

Serging: Serging color will be chosen by us but it will match your outer layer of the fitted diaper.

Snaps: Snap colors will be chosen by us but will match the outer layer of the fitted diaper. If the outer layer is a natural velour or fleece, please specify a snap color but exact shade will be chosen by us depending on availability. 

Our diapers are color coated on the soaker & inside soaker snap-in depending on the type of fleece used as the absorbent layer. This way customers can purchase diapers of different content and choose a favorite fabric content. Or if a diaper is re-sold over and over, the final owner will be able to know the content of the diaper by finding the snap fabric content guide on our web site. 

Mauve- 55% Hemp/45% Organic Cotton Fleece

Tan- 100% Organic Cotton Fleece

Sage- 70% Bamboo/30% Organic Cotton Fleece

 Sizing (age range is only an estimate, please use pounds or email for measurements):

XS- 5-11lbs (0-2 months)

S/M- 10-25lbs (2-18 months)

L/XL *One Size*- 13-40+lbs (6m+)

Fabric Choices- (please choose a fabric NOT marked limited, you will be asked to choose another print if we run out of stock. You may email us beforehand to check on availability.)


XS- $30

S/M & L/XL (one size)- $35

Don't want snaps? Want to use pins or snappis to fasten your diaper? Take off $5!

Additional ways to get a discount on your diaper:

1. Refer a friend program. If you refer a friend and your friend purchases a diaper, we will refund you and your friend $5 off of the purchase price of the diaper. There is a place at check out where you can put a friends name in a box. Once we confirm that both you and your friend purchased a diaper, we will give you $5 off the cost of each diaper purchased. So, if your friend purchases 2 diapers and you purchase 2 diapers, you will BOTH get $5 off each diaper for a total of $10 savings each!

2. Send your own fabric in for the outside of the diaper. Do you have a favorite fabric that we don't have? Send us a 24x24" piece of fabric and receive $5 off the cost of your diaper. Please email for our address.